About Nadia

Unlikely Soul Singer from Utah


Nadia Gold is a singer, songwriter, and songbird extraordinaire. Self-taught in the winding alleyways and jazz clubs of Thailand, Nadia evokes a bohemian vibe notable for its originality. Her twist in style probably comes from spending her childhood wandering the hills of the Utah desert while listening to Songs in A Minor by Alicia Keys. With a unique and undeniable presence, Nadia Gold brings a fresh style and energy to today's music scene. 

Current Projects

Nadia is proud to announce the completion and release of her first studio album, THE IS NESS. It's available on every platform to download, buy, or stream.

Her bigger vision is to continue producing music with a message that comes from her own story and the journey of healing that followed.  Nadia wants to convey the inestimable power of continually saying yes to life, no matter the obstacles. 

She believes, like Nina Simone, that music must reflect the times. Honest, vulnerable, politically charged--Nadia Gold is an essential voice, one that draws its power from darkness to manifest inspiration.